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Editorial Message  [  Abstract  ]
Mohamed Erfan,  Abdelhakim Shawki,  A. Abbas
Mononeuritis multiplex  [  Abstract  ]
Jun Kimura
Effectiveness of iron therapy on breath holding spells  [  Abstract  ]
Maher Khalifa,  Sherif Aldoseky,  Hala Shalaby
Dementia in Qatar  [  Abstract  ]
Ahmad I. Hamad,  Mohammed A. Ibrahim,  Essa M. Sulaiti
Transient ischemic attack and ischemic stroke, risk factors and preventive roles of the first-contact physicians  [  Abstract  ]
Akram Al-Mahdawi
Internal Carotid Artery Stenosis among Saudis  [  Abstract  ]
Waleed Khoja
Reduction of in-hospital mortality in patients with ischemic stroke in the United States over the last decade  [  Abstract  ]
M. Sayed,  A. Qureshi,  M. Suri,  J. Kirmani,  A. Yahia,  R. Pande,  L. Hopkins
Patent Foramen Ovale in young Saudis with Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attacks, RKH Experience  [  Abstract  ]
W. Al-Mangour,  W. Khoja
Intraventricular Hemorrhage Among Saudis: A 3-year RKH Experience  [  Abstract  ]
M. Al-Zawahma,  W. Khoja
Trends in morbidity and mortality associated with hospitalization for intracerebral hemorrhage in the United States  [  Abstract  ]
M. Sayed,  A. Qureshi,  M. Suri,  R. Pande,  L. Hopkins
Calvarial Cavernous Hemangioma associated with Dural Cavernoma. Case Report and Review of the Literature  [  Abstract  ]
M. Najjar,  S. Lingawi,  S. Malik,  S. Elgouhary
Intracranial cavernous malformation in children  [  Abstract  ]
Saleh Baeesa
Generalized chorea as the initial manifestation of moya moya disease.  [  Abstract  ]
A. Al Shareef,  S. Dahbour,  S. Dahbour,  A. Al Zahrani
Fibromuscular dysplasia of vertebral artery, basilar artery and carotid system: a case report  [  Abstract  ]
H. Mrabet,  S. Touibi,  F. El Bahri-Ben Mrad,  H. Megdiche,  A. Mrabet
Behcet disease: Neurologic manifestations. Report of four cases and discussion of neuroimaging findings and clinical follow up over a 5-year period.  [  Abstract  ]
Said Dahbour
Cerebral atherosclerosis in diabetics: preliminary report  [  Abstract  ]
M. Etribi,  H. Zaki
Evaluation of vascular dementia by diffusion-weighted MRI  [  Abstract  ]
A. Nassef,  A. Abdel Samei,  A. Imam
Recent Advances in the Pathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammad Sharief
New Diagnostic Criteria for Multiple Sclerosis: application in first demyelinating episode.  [  Abstract  ]
Abdulkader Daif
Efficacy and Tolerability of B-Interferon B1 in Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis  [  Abstract  ]
S. Alawi,  B. Yaqub,  S. Al-Deeb
Neuroophthalmic manifestation among Qatari Multiple sclerosis patients  [  Abstract  ]
R. Qaddoura,  A. Hamad,  A. Hamad
The Role of MRI in Diagnosis and Monitoring of Multiple Sclerosis  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammad Sharief
Spinal Muscular Atrophy Carrier Screening in Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
M. Al Jumah,  R. Majumdar,  Z. Rehana,  S. Rajeh,  H. Al Kalaf
Deletion mutations in the dystrophin gene of Saudi patients with Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy  [  Abstract  ]
M. Al Jumah,  R. Majumbar,  S. Al Uthaim,  N. Fetaini
Mutation analysis of sarcoglycanpathies patients in Saudi Arabia: A pilot study  [  Abstract  ]
M. Al Jumah,  R. Majumdar,  M. Saleh,  Z. Rehana,  S. Al Rajeh
HLA typing in myasthenia gravis (mg) patients  [  Abstract  ]
M. Al Jumah,  A. Al-Sagal,  A. Al-Watban,  H. Al-Gablan,  W. Al-Rayes
Myasthenia Gravis: RKH Experience  [  Abstract  ]
M. Al Qahtani,  M. Sofi,  N. Biary
Autosomal dominant hyaline body myopathy. Clinical variability and pathologic findings  [  Abstract  ]
S. Bohlega,  B. Meyer,  Y. Al Said,  M. Kambouris,  M. Al Homsi,  E. Cupler
Accuracy of Positron Emission Tomography for Localization of Language and speech function  [  Abstract  ]
Muhammad Jalaluddin
Role of MRS in the assessment of irradiated primary brain tumors.  [  Abstract  ]
Y. Ragab,  S. Lingawi
Proton MR spectroscopic changes in viral encephalitis  [  Abstract  ]
S. Lingawi,  Y. Ragab
Image-guided Surgery for Epilepsy  [  Abstract  ]
Saleh Baeesa
Dystonia and movement disorders  [  Abstract  ]
H. Malibary,  I. Bucklain,  O. Ayoub,  W. Digani
Pathophysiology and treatment of the tremor  [  Abstract  ]
Nabil Biary
Wilson disease Gene Mutations in Saudi Patients  [  Abstract  ]
M. Al Jumah,  R. Majumdara,  S. Al Rajeh,  A. Awada,  A. Al Zaben,  I. Al Traif,  A. Al Jumah,  Z. Rehanaa
New Trends in the Management of Pediatric Spasticity  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammed Jan
The role of cerebrospinal fluid on normal and abnormal brain development  [  Abstract  ]
F. Mashayekhi,  J. Miyan
Mild Cognitive Impairment  [  Abstract  ]
Abdelhalim Shawky
Reversible Dementia  [  Abstract  ]
Ashraf Kurdi
Rapidly progressive Dementia  [  Abstract  ]
Zuheir Al-Kawi
Headache treatment  [  Abstract  ]
Abdulrahim Sairafi
Prevalence of Headache Among High School Students in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
B. Tulaihi,  M. Al-Jumah,  M. El-Tom
A Case Report & Commentary A type of Hepatic PORPHYRIA Lead to Sever Neurological, Respiratory Manifestation and Death in few hours, Six Siblings Died in One Family!  [  Abstract  ]
E. Al Hady
Relationship between nightmares and anxiety in primary School children  [  Abstract  ]
Afaf Abd Elsamei
Neurotoxins  [  Abstract  ]
Shireen Qureshi
The Surgical Management for Malignant Gliomas  [  Abstract  ]
Raymond Sawaya
Endoscopic third ventriculostomy and tumor biopsy  [  Abstract  ]
Marwan Najjar
Management of orbital lesions  [  Abstract  ]
Ahmed Dirwaz
Management of Metastatic Brain Tumors  [  Abstract  ]
Raymond Sawaya
Hydrocephalus  [  Abstract  ]
Abdulrahman Al-Anazi
Surgical management reconstruction of crouzon syndrome, with craniostenosis aggravated by shunt insertion, introduction to acrylic template to be used as a surgical intraoperative guide  [  Abstract  ]
H. Azzouni,  J. Shargawi
Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Principles  [  Abstract  ]
Jeremy Ganz
Cervical spondylotic myelopathy Prognostic Significance and Fate of Myelomalacia  [  Abstract  ]
N. Azzam,  M. Erfan
Microsurgical exploration of stab injury of the spinal cord; a case report.  [  Abstract  ]
M. Ghassan Sabbagh
Epilepsy-Historical Overview  [  Abstract  ]
A. Al-Kurdi,  S. Khoury
Malformations of the cerebral cortex and epilepsy  [  Abstract  ]
Amel Mrabet
Early decision to use polytherapy: when and why  [  Abstract  ]
H. Hosny,  A. Mahmoud,  W. Mokbel
Clinical Profile of Admitted Children with Febrile Seizures  [  Abstract  ]
N. Al-Khathlan,  M. Jan
Epilepsy in elderly  [  Abstract  ]
S. Khan,  B. Yaqub,  M. Kabiraj,  A. Osman,  S. Al-Deeb
Post-stroke seizure  [  Abstract  ]
Akram Al-Mahdawi
Treatment of continuous spike and wave during slow-wave sleep  [  Abstract  ]
R. Albaradie,  B. Bourgeois,  E. Thiele,  F. Duffy,  G. Holmes,  J. Rivello, Jr.
Biochemical and radiological studies of metabolic bone disorders in epileptic patients  [  Abstract  ]
E. El-Senousey,  El-Sayed Tag El-Din,  K. Abo-Dewan
Pseudoseizure (PS)  [  Abstract  ]
Hassan Alhail
Sleep disorders in epileptic patients  [  Abstract  ]
H. Hosny,  A. Abbas,  A. El Gindy
Clinical, biochemical and experimental study on the role of free radicals and antioxidants in primary generalized tonic clonic seizures  [  Abstract  ]
W. Fadel,  M. Rabie,  W. Awara,  A. Menaisy
Ictal and Interictal EEG in Epilepsy Syndromes of Children and Adults  [  Abstract  ]
David MacDonald
Diversity of Ictal/Interictal Video EEG (VEEG) and Intractable Epilepsy due to Malformation of Cortical Development (MCD): Our Experience in RKH  [  Abstract  ]
M. Kabiraj,  B. Yaqub,  E. Bakhsh,  S. Khan,  Y. Comair,  S. Al Deeb,  N. Biary,  D. Al Shammari,  M. Santos
O-methyl-n-arachidonoyl dopamine mimics vanilloid receptor agonists in enhancing paired pulse depression of hippocampal population spikes  [  Abstract  ]
A. Al-Hayani,  V. Di Marzo,  S. Davies
The polymorphism of gaba-b receptor (g1465a) and suitibility to temporal lobe epilepsy  [  Abstract  ]
H. Mourad,  W. Fadel,  A. Abas
Gamma Knife Surgery for Epilepsy and Trigeminal Neuralgia  [  Abstract  ]
Jeremy Ganz
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