Editorial Message  [  Abstract  ]
Saleh M. Al-Deeb,  Sonia Khan
Status epilepticus in children  [  Abstract  ]
Joseph M. Dooley
An anatomical study of the human lumbar ligamentum flavum  [  Abstract  ]
Eiman M. Abdel-Meguid
Intraindividual and interindividual variations in psychomotor task performance in spontaneously menstruating women  [  Abstract  ]
Marwan S. Al-Nimer
Pattern of sepsis and meningitis in a University Hospital  [  Abstract  ]
Nadia M. Fida
Comparison of the physical and non-physical functioning between the patients with multiple sclerosis and healthy subjects  [  Abstract  ]
Ali Kitis,  Filiz Altug,  Ugur Cavlak,  Beyza Akdag
Stages of progression in drug abuse involvement across generations in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
Medhat M. Bassiony
Levels of anxiety and ways of coping of family members of patients hospitalized in the Neurosurgery Intensive Care Unit  [  Abstract  ]
Rengin Acaroglu,  Hatice Kaya,  Merdiye Sendir,  Kezban Tosun,  Yuksel Turan
Evaluation of caudal anesthesia performed in conscious infants for lower abdominal surgeries  [  Abstract  ]
Mahin Seyedhejazi,  Sina Zarrintan
Outcome of children older than one year with neuroblastoma  [  Abstract  ]
Najwa Y. Fayea,  Ayad A. Atra,  Taha Khattab,  Najla A. Elimam,  Sami Felimban,  Abdelmoutaleb Yousef,  Ahmed Basheer,  Abdullah Zayed,  Abdullah Baothman,  Nada Al-Sheikh,  Wafa Hussen
Familiarity, knowledge, and attitudes towards epilepsy among attendees of a family clinic in Amman, Jordan  [  Abstract  ]
Amira T. Masri,  Farouq M. Shakhatreh,  Nada A. Yasein,  Farihan F. Barghouti,  Abdelkarim A. Al-Qudah
The prevalence of mental retardation by gender, age of diagnosis and location in Zonguldak province, Turkey  [  Abstract  ]
Ferruh N. Ayoglu,  Feryal Cabuk,  Sibel Kiran,  Ayse Ocakci,  Zuhtu Sahin,  Ahmet Dursun
Is pseudoexfoliation associated with sensorineural hearing loss?  [  Abstract  ]
Faruk Ozturk,  Emin Kurt,  Umit U. Inan,  Sefa Derekoy,  Sitki S. Ermis,  Ali Asagidag
Neurological outcome following delayed fixation of unstable thoracolumbar spinal injuries with short segment posterior fixation  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammad F. Butt,  Shabir A. Dhar,  Munir Farooq,  Anwar Hussain,  Bashir A. Mir,  Manzoor A. Halwai,  Haroon R. Zargar,  Zaid A. Wani
Tuberculous osteitis of the skull in a child  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammed Benzagmout,  Said Boujraf,  Khalid Chakour,  Mohammed E. Chaoui
Olfactory groove schwannoma masquerading as an orbital mass  [  Abstract  ]
Hooshang Saberi,  Patricia Khashayar
Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome with partial motor seizures and hemimegalencephaly  [  Abstract  ]
Shakeel Ahmed,  Roshan Koul,  Ahmed Wailey,  Dilip Sankhala
Axillary neuropathy mimicking quadrilateral space syndrome and its follow up for one year  [  Abstract  ]
Hande Turker,  Murat Sarica,  Ayhan Bilgici,  Nilgun Cengiz,  Musa K. Onar,  Onder Us
A patient with ataxia with a normal brain CT on admission  [  Abstract  ]
Kazuo Abe,  Azusa Fukunishi,  Yutaka Uchida
Brain stem glioma, a rare cause of hearing loss and dysequilibrium  [  Abstract  ]
Murat unal,  Demir Apaydin
Depression rate among 18-40-year-old patients suffering from generalized tonic-clonic epilepsy referred to Neurology Clinics in an Iranian Hospital  [  Abstract  ]
Ali R. Zahiroddin,  Ali R. Shafiee-Kandjani,  Fatemeh S. Ghoreishi
Clinical features of post stroke seizure in Babol, northern Iran  [  Abstract  ]
Alijan A. Ahangar,  Seidreza Hosseini,  Roshanak Saghebi
A new parameter in the differential diagnosis of bacterial and viral meningitis  [  Abstract  ]
Hasan Onal,  Zerrin Onal,  Mine Ozdil,  Safa Alhaj
WHO uses web-based approach to revise global disease standards  [  Abstract  ]

New open access database to spur development of medicines for infectious diseases of the developing world  [  Abstract  ]

Global stockpile of H5N1 vaccine “feasible”  [  Abstract  ]

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