Functional hemispherectomy for the treatment of intractable seizures  [  Abstract  ]
John P. Girvin,  Saleh S. Baeesa
Ischemic stroke in the vertebrobasilar system. Risk factors, etiology, and localization  [  Abstract  ]
Fusun Mayda-Domac,  GOksel Somay,  Handan Misirli,  Hakan Somay,  Nuri Y. Erenoglu
Evaluation of self-medication prevalence, diagnosis and prescription in migraine in Kerman, Iran  [  Abstract  ]
Behnaz Sedighi,  Siavash Ghaderi-Sohi,  Sara Emami
Effect of deferoxamine on Na+K+ATPase activity after cerebral ischemia in rabbits  [  Abstract  ]
Mehmet Gurbilek,  Cemile Topcu,  Mehmet AkOz,  Hulagu Bariskaner,  Mehmet E. Ustun,  Oznur KOylu
Effects of hypertonic dextrose on injured rat skeletal muscles  [  Abstract  ]
Burak Kunduracioglu,  Bulent Ulkar,  Bizden T. Sabuncuoglu,  Belgin Can,  Kenan Bayrakci
Prevalence of scoliosis in female students 11-15 years of age in Ahwaz, Iran  [  Abstract  ]
Zahed Safikhani,  Mohammad Fakor,  Hamid Soori,  Lylabigom Hejazian
Effects of anterior tibial displacement on the proprioceptive functions of soccer players` knee joints  [  Abstract  ]
Cem Cetin,  Rustu Guner,  Burak Kunduracioglu,  Bulent ulkar
Neuroleptic malignant syndrome  [  Abstract  ]
Fahmi Y. Khan,  Mohammed J. Qusad
Homocystinemia and stroke in vegetarians  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammed A. Saadah,  Mona C. Thakre,  Loai M. Saadah,  Mahmoud E. Nazzal
Absence of both stapedius tendon and muscle  [  Abstract  ]
Cem Kopuz,  Suat Turgut,  Aysin Kale,  Mennan E. Aydin
Bilateral chronic quadriceps tendon tear secondary to repeated seizures  [  Abstract  ]
Nizar A. Al-Nakshabandi
A man with fever and convulsions  [  Abstract  ]
Yacoub Bahou,  Azmi Hadidi
Mitochondrial cytopathy presenting with features of Gitelman`s syndrome  [  Abstract  ]
Jameela A. Kari,  Hammad O. Alshaya,  Abdulmoein Al-Agah,  Mohammed M. Jan
Early rehabilitation results of patients with thalamic tumor and thalamic hemorrhage  [  Abstract  ]
Nezire Kose,  Saadet Otman,  Mehmet G. Karakaya,  Sevil Bilgin
Prenatal sonographic features of fetal craniosynostosis  [  Abstract  ]
Badreldeen Ahmed,  Najat Khenyab,  Najah Saleh,  Wiku Andonotopo,  Aliaa Makkiya
COUNTERFEIT MEDICINES: THE SILENT EPIDEMIC. WHO convenes stakeholders to find global solutions to a growing health threat  [  Abstract  ]

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