A historical review of gait analysis  [  Abstract  ]
Khaled S. Al-Zahrani,  Magid O. Bakheit
Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-diaphorase and c-fos expression in spinal cord neurons following noxious stimulation  [  Abstract  ]
Taner Dagci,  Gulgun Kayalioglu,  Burcu Balkan,  Berrin E. Okur
Evaluation of effects of memantine on cerebral ischemia in rats  [  Abstract  ]
Mehmet U. Aluclu,  Seyfi Arslan,  Abdullah Acar,  Aslan Guzel,  Selen Bahceci,  Mehmet Yaldiz
Comparison of meperidine alone with meperidine plus dexmedetomidine for postoperative patient-controlled analgesia  [  Abstract  ]
Nuh T. Altindis,  Dilek Karaaslan,  Tulay T. Peker,  Sadik Ozmen,  Mahmut Bulbul
DUPLICATE PUBLICATION: Comparison of entropy and bispectral index values during propofol induction  [  Abstract  ]
Canan Balci,  Hamit S. Karabekir,  Muhammet Yigit
Trapezoid-quadrilateral technique of frontalis suspension with synthetic material  [  Abstract  ]
Omer F. Recep,  Remzi Karadag,  Hikmet Hasiripi
The effect of long-term use of computer mouse devices on median nerve entrapment  [  Abstract  ]
Fahaid H. Al-Hashem,  Mohammad-Elhabeeb M. Khalid
The role of neutrophils and interleukin-8 in acute ischemic stroke  [  Abstract  ]
Fusun M. Domac,  Handan Misirli
Diagnostic yield of stereotactic brain biopsy  [  Abstract  ]
Ahmed M. Alkhani,  Jamal M. Ghosheh,  Faisal Al-Otaibi,  Abdulsattar H. Ghomraoui,  Imad N. Kanaan,  Maher I. Hassounah
The efficacy of dexamethasone treatment in adult patients with acute bacterial meningitis  [  Abstract  ]
Celal Ayaz,  Mustafa K. Celen,  Mehmet F. Geyik,  Mehmet Ulug
A 6-year prospective surveillance study for healthcare associated infections in a neurology unit  [  Abstract  ]
Mehmet F. Geyik,  Salih Hosoglu,  Mehmet U. Aluclu,  Mustafa K. Celen,  Celal Ayaz
Peripartum neurological emergencies in a Critical Care Unit  [  Abstract  ]
Rami M. Al-Hayali,  Dhaher J. Al-Habbo,  Mohammed K. Hammo
Psychiatric consultations and length of hospital stay  [  Abstract  ]
Yaser R. Alhuthail
Restless leg syndrome in the differential diagnosis of entrapment and peripheral neuropathies  [  Abstract  ]
Filiz Koc,  Deniz Yerdelen
Unusual occurrence of cystic fibrosis and alobar holoprosencephaly  [  Abstract  ]
Mathew P. Cherian,  Nouriya A. Al-Sanna`a
Transanal prolapse of a ventriculoperitoneal shunt  [  Abstract  ]
Goksin Sengul,  Ali Akar
The potential diagnostic value of diffusion-weighted imaging in acute disseminating encephalomyelitis  [  Abstract  ]
Rajaa M. Al-Mestady,  Sultan R. Alharbi,  Fahad B. Albadr
Wallenberg syndrome as a sole presentation of celiac disease  [  Abstract  ]
Naser Sharafaddinzadeh,  Roshanak Tirdad,  Mohamad Pipelzadeh,  Armaghan A. Ali
Posterior epidural migration of a sequestrated lumbar disc fragment  [  Abstract  ]
Brahim El-Mostarchid,  Abad C. El-Asri,  Adil Belhachmi,  Ali Akhaddar,  Miloudi Gazzaz,  Mohamed Boucetta
Episodic tonic pupil with aneurysm located on the same side  [  Abstract  ]
Abdulkadir Kocer,  Yildiz Degirmenci,  Harun Yuksel,  Mehmet Eryilmaz
Delayed onset dystonia secondary to neonatal anoxia  [  Abstract  ]
Ouafae Messouak,  Said Boujraf,  Sana Chaouki,  Mohammed-Faouzi Belahsen
Listeria monocytogenes meningitis in adults  [  Abstract  ]
Fawzia E. Al-Otaibi
An outbreak of aseptic meningitis in Hatay Province, Turkey  [  Abstract  ]
Yusuf Onlen,  Etem Ozkaya,  Lutfu Savas,  Faruk Incecik,  Aylin Akcali
Cyanotic breath holding spell in a neonate. A rare entity  [  Abstract  ]
Mushtaq A. Bhat,  Wajid Ali
Auditory brainstem evoked response in autistic children in central Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
Laila Y. Al-Ayadhi
Metformin-induced paroxysmal dystonia  [  Abstract  ]
Filiz Koc,  Deniz Yerdelen
Atrial fibrillation among patients with stroke  [  Abstract  ]
Amir A. Mehrabanfar,  Seyed M. Adel

Community mental health services will lessen social exclusion, says WHO  [  Abstract  ]

Improved meningitis vaccine for Africa could signal eventual end to deadly scourge  [  Abstract  ]

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