Clipping versus coiling for ruptured intracranial aneurysms after the international subarachnoid aneurysm trial. United Kingdom experience  [  Abstract  ]
Mahmoud S. Taha,  Umang J. Patel
Gradual increase in neuronal density of rats lateral geniculate nucleus from anterior to posterior  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammad Abdolrahmani,  Seyed B. Jameie
Experimental epileptic discharge can be transmitted between 2 brains in rats  [  Abstract  ]
Mutasem M. Abuhamed,  Xiao Bo,  Song Zhi
Electron microscopic study of the myelinated nerve fibres and the perineurial cell basement membrane in the diabetic human peripheral nerves  [  Abstract  ]
Wagih G. El-Barrany,  Raid M. Hamdy,  Abdulmonem A. Al-Hayani,  Sawsan M. Jalalah
A brain electrophysiological correlate of depth perception  [  Abstract  ]
Ahmet Akay,  Gurbuz celebi
Pituitary magnetic resonance imaging experience in Jordan  [  Abstract  ]
Azmy M. Hadidy,  Dana G. Jallad,  Azmi A. Haroun,  Waleed S. Mahafza,  Kamel M. Ajlouni
Post stroke depression among Iranian patients  [  Abstract  ]
Farhad Iranmanesh,  Alireza Vakilian
Intracerebral hemorrhage  [  Abstract  ]
Yacoub G. Bahou
Pattern of childhood neuronal migrational disorders in Oman  [  Abstract  ]
Roshan L. Koul,  Amna M. Alfuitasi,  Dilip K. Sankhla,  Hashim Javad,  Ranjan R. William
Prevalence of neuropathy in the diabetic foot  [  Abstract  ]
Jamil M. Elrefai
Control of emergence hypertension after craniotomy for brain tumor surgery  [  Abstract  ]
Hala M. Goma,  Mostafa Z. Ali
Ventriculo-sagittal sinus shunt malfunction. Causes of failure, avoidance, and alternatives  [  Abstract  ]
Sherif M. Elwatidy
Myasthenia gravis and psoriasis vulgaris  [  Abstract  ]
Filiz Koc,  Deniz Yerdelen
Male genital self-mutilation with special emphasis on the sociocultural meanings  [  Abstract  ]
Naseem A. Qureshi
Role of dermatomal somatosensory evoked potential in localizing the site of transverse myelitis  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammed Kabiraj,  Karamat Hussain,  Nada Al-Janoubi
Acute onset headache and hemiparesis in a young adult  [  Abstract  ]
Farzad Fatehi,  Mohammad Zare,  Keivan Basiri,  Mohammad Saadatnia
Obituary. In memory of Dr. Mohamed Monir Madkour (1944 - 2008)  [  Abstract  ]
Aida Kudwa
Spinal hematoma as a result of spinal anesthesia for cesarean section  [  Abstract  ]
Gulcan Erk,  Vildan Taspinar,  Melih Akay,  Zeki Gokcil
Limb girdle myasthenia  [  Abstract  ]
Gulbun Yuksel,  Mehmet Gencer,  Cihat Orken,  Kemal Tutkavul,  Hulya Tireli
Epidemiology of Bells palsy in Isfahan, Iran  [  Abstract  ]
Bijan Movahedian,  Maryam Ghafoornia,  Mohammad Saadatnia,  Ahmadreza Falahzadeh,  Ali Fateh
EEG as an easy diagnostic tool in differentiation of Alzheimer and non-Alzheimer dementia  [  Abstract  ]
Fatih M. Gokce,  Hulusi Kececi,  Serif Demir,  Seyit Ankarali,  Handan C. Ankarali
Anxiety and depression levels of outpatients and inpatients in a private hospital  [  Abstract  ]
Nazan Karaoglu,  Mehmet A. Karaoglu
Surveillance of depression in Karachi, Pakistan  [  Abstract  ]
Rabia Bushra,  Huma Ali
Effects of Ramadan fasting on time perception task  [  Abstract  ]
Habibolah Khazaie,  Masoud Tahmasian,  Hamed Ekhtiari,  Homan Safaei,  Habib Ganjgahi,  Mohammad R. Ghadami
Global measles deaths drop by 74%. Eastern Mediterranean region achieves measles goal three years early  [  Abstract  ]

Millions with mental disorders deprived of treatment and care. WHO calls for urgent scaling up of services for mental disorders, especially in the developing world  [  Abstract  ]

More than 2,000 children die every day as a result of unintentional injury and at least half could be saved  [  Abstract  ]

MCQs: Hippocampal sclerosis  [  Abstract  ]
Sonia Khan
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