Timing of long bone fracture fixation in severe traumatic brain injury  [  Abstract  ]
Bakur A. Jamjoom,  Abdulhakim B. Jamjoom
Management of women with epilepsy. Practical issues faced when dealing with women with epilepsy  [  Abstract  ]
Fawzi A. Babtain
An evaluation of the effectiveness of pre-ischemic hyperbaric oxygen and post-ischemic aminoguanidine in experimental cerebral ischemia  [  Abstract  ]
Ferhat Harman,  Askin E. Hasturk,  Bulent Duz,  Engin Gonul,  Ahmet Korkmaz
Endovascular treatment of an intracranial aneurysm with a ruptured bleb  [  Abstract  ]
Jin-Lu Yu,  Hong-Lei Wang,  Kan Xu,  Bai Wang,  Qi Luo
Endovascular treatment of ruptured peripheral intracranial aneurysms  [  Abstract  ]
Zhi Chen,  Yunfeng Yang,  Hongpin Miao,  Jingyu Chen,  Chunxia Luo,  Hua Feng,  Gang Zhu
Adaptation of the dizziness handicap inventory for use in the Arab population  [  Abstract  ]
Abdulrahman A. Alsanosi
Anxiety and depression among traumatic spinal cord injured patients  [  Abstract  ]
Rafat M. Al-Owesie,  Nehmat M. Moussa,  Asirvatham A. Robert
Erythropoietin for acute multiple sclerosis in patients with optic neuritis as a first demyelination event  [  Abstract  ]
Afshin Borhani-Haghighi,  Maryam Ghodsi,  Mohammad R. Razeghinejad,  Samira Mardani,  Mohsen Mardani,  Ali R. Nikseresht,  Anahid Safari,  Mohammad H. Bagheri
Periodic catatonia. Challenging diagnosis for psychiatrists  [  Abstract  ]
Ali R. Ghaffarinejad,  Mohammad M. Sadeghi,  Fariborz Estilaee,  Zahra Zokaee
Incomplete oculomotor nerve palsy in the subarachnoid space caused by traumatic brain injury  [  Abstract  ]
Yanling Zhang,  Kangning Chen,  Bin Liu,  Li Chen
Ruptured giant middle cerebral artery aneurysm in infancy  [  Abstract  ]
Reem A. Al-Youbi,  Mohammed S. Binmahfoodh,  Hayat Z. Kamfar,  Mohammed M. Jan
Ulnar neuropathy caused by traumatic arterio-venous fistula following gunshot wound  [  Abstract  ]
Bassam M. Addas
Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy following malignant melanoma  [  Abstract  ]
Mohamad B. Dbouk,  Shahriar Nafissi,  Askar Ghorbani
A lady with facio-linguo-pharyngeal-masticatory diplegia  [  Abstract  ]
Ramachandiran Nandhagopal
Epidemiology of neuro-genetic disorders in Northwestern Iran  [  Abstract  ]
Saeed Dastgiri,  Mortaza J. Bonyadi,  Tuba Mizani
Cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction in type 2 diabetes mellitus and essential hypertension in a South Indian population  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammed A. Hazari,  Reddipalli T. Khan,  Barra R. Reddy,  Mohammed A. Hassan
Global conference to tackle social conditions that drive health inequities. A world that is greatly out of balance in matters of health is neither stable nor secure  [  Abstract  ]

WHO highlights global underinvestment in mental health care  [  Abstract  ]

Cognitive Stimulation Beneficial In Dementia  [  Abstract  ]

Muscle Relaxants and Neuromodulators for Managing Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain. Many Options, But No Clear Successes  [  Abstract  ]

Pituitary adenoma  [  Abstract  ]
Hussam Jabri
Meeting Highlights
65th American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, USA, 2-6 December, 2011  [  Abstract  ]
Sonia Khan
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