Improving communication with multiple sclerosis patients  [  Abstract  ]
Raed A. Alroughani
Focal brainstem gliomas. Advances in intra-operative management  [  Abstract  ]
Abdulrahman J. Sabbagh,  Ahmed M. Alaqeel
Update on neuropathic pain treatment for trigeminal neuralgia. The pharmacological and surgical options  [  Abstract  ]
Khalid W. Al-Quliti
Telmisartan inhibits hyperalgesia and inflammatory progression in a diabetic neuropathic pain model of Wistar rats  [  Abstract  ]
Salim S. Al-Rejaie,  Hatem M. Abuohashish,  Mohammed M. Ahmed,  Aws S. Arrejaie,  Abdulaziz M. Aleisa,  Shakir D. AlSharari
Potential neuroprotective effect of Anakinra in spinal cord injury in an in vivo experimental animal model  [  Abstract  ]
Askin E. Hasturk,  Erdal R. Yilmaz,  Erhan Turkoglu,  Murat Arikan,  Guray Togral,  Nazli Hayirli,  Berrin I. Erguder,  Oya Evirgen
Assessment of pain. Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of health care providers in Almadinah Almunawwarah, Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
Khalid W. Al-Quliti,  Majed S. Alamri
Systematic review of the epidemiology of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in Arab countries  [  Abstract  ]
Najla J. Alhraiwil,  Anna Ali,  Mowafa S. Househ,  Ali M. Al-Shehri,  Ashraf A. El-Metwally
Information needs, care difficulties, and coping strategies in families of people with mental illness  [  Abstract  ]
Selma Sabanciogullari,  Havva Tel
Thought suppression predicts task switching deficits in patients with frontal lobe epilepsy  [  Abstract  ]
Amara Gul,  Hira Ahmad
Management of infiltrating spinal epidural angiolipoma  [  Abstract  ]
Mustafa M. Nadi,  Arwa M. Nadi,  Mohammad Y. Zabara,  Tahani M. Ahmad
Tremor onset with acute frontal infarct and disappearance with the second stroke  [  Abstract  ]
Deniz Yerdelen,  Selin Yetkinel,  Ali Dogan
Another cause of headache after epidural injection  [  Abstract  ]
Jamil S. Anwari,  Abdulaziz A. Hazazi
Brain abscess caused by Citrobacter koseri infection in an adult  [  Abstract  ]
Heng-Wei Liu,  Chih-Ju Chang,  Cheng-Ta Hsieh
Clinical and genetic features of anoctaminopathy in Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
Saeed Bohlega,  Dorothy M. Monies,  Ahmad A. Abulaban,  Hatem N. Murad,  Hindi N. Alhindi,  Brian F. Meyer
Factors associated with poor outcomes of hospitalized myasthenia gravis  [  Abstract  ]
Sim S. Tin,  Viroj Wiwanitkit
Ebola vaccine efficacy trial ready to launch in Guinea  [  Abstract  ]

Governments commit to advancements in dementia research and care  [  Abstract  ]

New evidence shows Electronic Cigarettes facilitate smoking cessation  [  Abstract  ]

New evidence helps health workers in the fight against Ebola  [  Abstract  ]

Stroke  [  Abstract  ]
Naser Alotaibi
Meeting Highlights
68th American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting  [  Abstract  ]
Raidah S. Al-Baradie
Clinical Image
Cerebral angiography. Unusual connection and disconnection  [  Abstract  ]
Ramachandiran Nandhagopal
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