Semiology of temporal lobe epilepsies  [  Abstract  ]
Bassel W. Abou-Khalil
Pervasive developmental disorders. Etiological, diagnostic and treatment conundrum  [  Abstract  ]
Naseem A. Qureshi,  Yasser S. Al-Ghamdy,  Tariq A. Al-Habeeb
Comparative evaluation of multiple choice question formats. Introducing a knowledge score  [  Abstract  ]
Sheikh I. Rahim,  Mahdi S. Abumadini
Use of methylprednisolone in acute spinal injury  [  Abstract  ]
Ahmed M. Alkhani,  Abdul-Sattar H. Ghomraoui
Magnetic resonance imaging of normal lumbar intervertebral foraminal height  [  Abstract  ]
Maher T. Al-Hadidi,  Jamal H. Abu-Ghaida,  Darwish H. Badran,  Azmy M. Al-Hadidi,  Hassan N. Ramadan,  Diana F. Massad
Clinical profile of myasthenia gravis in the Sultanate of Oman  [  Abstract  ]
Poovathoor C. Jacob,  John T. Tharakan,  Pratap R. Chand,  Roshan L. Koul,  Alexander P. Chacko
Electromyographic changes in thyrotoxicosis  [  Abstract  ]
Khalid I. Mussa,  Hydar N. Mahmoud,  Ihsan K. Abdul-Zehra
Autonomic dysfunction in multiple sclerosis  [  Abstract  ]
Adnan H. Al-Araji,  Akram M. Al-Mahdawi,  Ayad I. Mohammad
Mental health training in primary care. Impact on physicians knowledge  [  Abstract  ]
Abdallah D. Al-Khathami,  Abdullah M. Mangoud,  Sheikh I. Rahim,  Mahdi S. Abumadini
Hemophilus influenzae serotype-b meningitis in an adult immunocompetent patient  [  Abstract  ]
Hannan A. Babay,  Awadh R. Al-Anazy,  Abubakar B. Saidu,  Abdelmageed M. Kambal
Neonatal cerebral infarction presented with limb ischemia  [  Abstract  ]
Husam Salama,  Abdullatif Rejjal,  Abdullhakiem Kattan,  Latifa Al-Mahmoud
Huge occipital myxomatous plexiform neurofibroma in the absence of neurofibromatosis  [  Abstract  ]
Bassem Y. Sheikh
Unusual presentation of echinococcal cysts  [  Abstract  ]
Farukh Qureshi,  Nabeel Maalbared
Gilles de la Tourette syndrome treated effectively with clozapine  [  Abstract  ]
Abdulrazzak M. Alhamad
Atrial septal aneurysm and stroke  [  Abstract  ]
Alok Tyagi,  Hani T. Benamer
Parkinsons disease, 300 tips for making life easier  [  Abstract  ]
Ashraf Kurdi
Brain injury and gender role strain. Rebuilding adult lifestyles after injury  [  Abstract  ]
Maher Al-Jadid
POLIOMYELITIS  [  Abstract  ]

CHANGING EPIDEMIOLOGY OF POLIO PROMPTS TACTICAL SHIFT IN WORLDS LARGEST PUBLIC HEALTH INITIATIVE. Supplementary Polio immunization to be narrowed to key countries  [  Abstract  ]

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