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Ketogenic diet. Update and application  [  Abstract  ]
Nawal A. Bahassan,  Mohammed M. Jan
Bifrontal decompressive craniotomy for malignant brain edema  [  Abstract  ]
Sherif Elwatidy
The use of head CT scanning in mild head injury  [  Abstract  ]
Ali Khaji,  Behzad Eftekhar,   Mojgan Karbakhsh,  Koorosh M. Ardalan
Comparison of outcome of surgical and nonsurgical methods in the treatment of unstable traumatic lesions of the lower cervical spine  [  Abstract  ]
Majid R. Farrokhi,  Hasan Motallebi
Comparison of the efficacy of prednisolone versus prednisolone and acyclovir in the treatment of Bell`s palsy  [  Abstract  ]
Alijan A. Ahangar,  Seydreza Hosseini,  Roshanak Saghebi
Neurological manifestations of Behcet`s disease  [  Abstract  ]
Afshin Borhani-Haghighi,  Shahdokht Samangooie,  Nahid Ashjazadeh,  Alireza Nikseresht,  Abdolhamid Shariat,  Gholamali Yousefipour,  Anahid Safari
Multiresistant bacterial colonization due to increased nurse workload in a neurology intensive care unit  [  Abstract  ]
Mustafa K. Celen,  Yusuf Tamam,  Salih Hosoglu,  Celal Ayaz,  Mehmet F. Geyik,  Ismail Apak
Clinical spectrum associated with some structural cerebellar abnormalities  [  Abstract  ]
Ghada M. Abdel-Salam,  Marwa I. Shahab,  Amany H. Galal,  Ann A. Abdel-Kader,  Ekram Fateen
Lack of evidence of Epstein-Barr virus infection in patients with Castleman`s disease. Molecular genetic analysis  [  Abstract  ]
Jaudah A. Al-Maghrabi,  Suzanne Kamel-Reid,  Denis J. Bailey
Clinicopathological features of primary central nervous system lymphoma  [  Abstract  ]
Afshin Moradi,  Aram Tajedini,  Abbasali Mehrabian,  Sohrab Sadeghi,  Vahid Semnani,  Reza Khodabakhshi,  Noormohammad Arefian,  Maryam Afrakhteh,  Kayvan Keshvari,  Parvin Yavari,  Manouchehr Madani-Civi
Epidemiologic aspects of neural tube defects in South East Iran  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammad Afshar,  Mohammad J. Golalipour,  Dariush Farhud
What is interfering with attendance in adult psychiatric out patients clinics?  [  Abstract  ]
Riyadh A. Alnamlah
Evaluation of the mini-mental state examination among the elderly people in Konya, Turkey  [  Abstract  ]
Ruhusen Kutlu,  Nazan Karaoglu,  Kamile Marakoglu,  Selma Civi
Narcolepsy in Saudi Arabia. Demographic and clinical perspective of an under-recognized disorder  [  Abstract  ]
Ahmed S. BaHammam,  Ahmed M. Alenezi
Association of carotid intima-media thickness with the presence and severity of coronary artery disease  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammad K. Tarzamni,  Rezvanieh Salehi,  Farhad Givian,  Sara Farhang
Role of diffusion-weighted MRI in Neuro-Behcet`s disease  [  Abstract  ]
Fawaz S. Alharbi,  Fahad B. Albadr,  Ibrahim A. Alorainy,  Turky H. Almigbal,  Nael Alazwary
Hallervorden-Spatz disease  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammed O. Alotaibi,  Ahmed R. Alrumyan,  Hussain M. Aljawad
Large primary cerebral hydatid cysts in children  [  Abstract  ]
Mehmet Tatli,  Aslan Guzel,  Nur Altinors
Chronic suppurative otitis media with intracranial complication  [  Abstract  ]
Abdulaziz A. Aldakhail
Isolated neuropathy of the recurrent motor branch of the median nerve  [  Abstract  ]
Osama E. Shams,  Saeed M. Al-Ghamdi
A young lady with visual disturbances and distal limb paresthesiae  [  Abstract  ]
Yacoub Bahou
Epstein-Barr virus encephalitis in an apparently healthy adult  [  Abstract  ]
Tarig S. Al-Khuwaitir,  Hassabo B. Mohammed,  Abdurahman Shameena,  Majid Halim
One hundred and thirty-six brain tuberculomas in a single patient  [  Abstract  ]
Muhammad Yousuf,  Sami U. Khan,  Liaquat A. Khan
The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the acute pain service  [  Abstract  ]
Jamil S. Anwari,  M. Kashif Malik
Theory of acquired relative sensitivity as the sole cause of mental illness  [  Abstract  ]
Saba M. Shatila
Bipolar disorders: Mixed states, rapid cycling and atypical forms  [  Abstract  ]
Abdullah Al-Hathloul
Global disease burden from solar ultraviolet radiation  [  Abstract  ]

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