Genetics of ischemic stroke  [  Abstract  ]
Saad M. Alrajeh,  Nura H. Alkali
Brain death criteria. The neurological determination of death  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammed M. Jan
Coexistence of CACNA1A, ATP1A2, and KCNN3 gene mutation in migraine patients with human platelet polymorphism  [  Abstract  ]
Shalini Bhaskar,  Jafri M. Abdullah,  Mazira M. Ghazali
Study on serum homocysteine level in Alzheimers disease and its relationship with the stages of this disease  [  Abstract  ]
Mahnaz Talebi,  Mehdi Farhodi,  Masood Nikanfar,  Jafar Majidi,  Ali Fakhari
Visual evoked potentials in neurobrucellosis  [  Abstract  ]
Ufuk Ergun,  Gunay T. Ertem,  Gulnihal Kutlu,  Ozlem Coskun,  Levent E. Inan,  Necla Tulek,  Mustafa N. Ilhan
QT dispersion on ECG in acute ischemic stroke and its impact on early prognosis  [  Abstract  ]
Sebnem Bicakci,  Yurdaer Donmez,  Ali Ozeren,  Esmeray Acarturk
Study on brainstem auditory evoked potentials in diabetes mellitus  [  Abstract  ]
Mahnaz Talebi,  Mohammad Moosavi,  Naser A. Mohamadzade,  Roshandel Mogadam
Electrophysiological changes, plasma vascular endothelial growth factor, fatty acid synthase, and adhesion molecules in diabetic neuropathy  [  Abstract  ]
Faten A. Zakareia
Benzodiazepines sensitivity testing. A pragmatic clinical approach to identify potentially useful GABAergic antiepileptic medications  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammad F. Aljabri,  Brian Jordan,  J. Keith Brown,  Robert A. Minns
Lipid profile in Jordanian patients with first ever ischemic stroke  [  Abstract  ]
Said S. Dahbour
Topiramate as a long-term therapy in children with refractory epilepsy  [  Abstract  ]
Aycan Unalp,  Nedret Uran,  Tulin Hizli,  Aysel Ozturk
Poststroke depressive symptoms and their relationship with quality of life, functional status, and severity of stroke  [  Abstract  ]
Demet Unalan,  Saliha Ozsoy,  Ferhan Soyuer,  Ahmet Ozturk
Evaluation of 121 adult cases of tuberculous meningitis  [  Abstract  ]
Gonul Sengoz,  Kadriye K. Yasar,  Filiz Yildirim
Cerebral venous thrombosis. Clinical presentation and outcome in a prospective series from Sudan  [  Abstract  ]
Mohamed-Nagib A. Idris,  Tag-Eldin O. Sokrab,  Etedal A. Ibrahim,  Samira M. Mirgani,  Maha A. Elzibair,  Rasha R. Osman,  Maaz Abdalatif
Community pharmacists attitudes towards mental illness and providing pharmaceutical care for mentally ill patients  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammed N. Al-Arifi
The physical activity of patients after herniated lumbar disc surgery  [  Abstract  ]
Yucel Yildirim,  Bilge Kara,  Nursen Teoman,  Arzu Genc,  Serhat Erbayraktar,  Umit Acar
Improving inventory learning style  [  Abstract  ]
Hanan M. Al-Kadri
Sporadic Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease  [  Abstract  ]
Hussein A. Algahtani,  Karim M. Qumosani,  Imad M. Khojah,  Abdulrahman M. Shami
Vanishing white matter in Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
Mansour Y. Otaif,  Mohammad A. Al-Muhaizea,  Fahad Al-Jofan,  Hesham Al-Dhalaan
Spinal cord injury without radiological abnormality (SCIWORA). A diagnosis that is missed in unconscious children  [  Abstract  ]
Essam A. Elgamal,  Sherif Elwatidy,  Amr M. Zakaria,  Aly A. Abdel-Raouf
Absent anterior communicating artery and varied distribution of anterior cerebral artery  [  Abstract  ]
Hakan A. Ozturk,  Emine C. Sanli,  Zeliha Kurtoglu
Neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas in a general hospital setting  [  Abstract  ]
Naseem A. Qureshi
A patient with cape like sensory loss of arms and shoulders  [  Abstract  ]
Farzad Fatehi,  Mohammad Zare,  Keivan Basiri,  Mohammad Saadatnia
Vasogenic edema in a patient with sickle cell disease  [  Abstract  ]
Abdulaziz H. Alzeer
Suspected fatal pulmonary embolism following application of intermittent pneumatic compression during cranial surgery  [  Abstract  ]
Aimun A. Jamjoom,  Momen A. Sharab,  Abdulhakim B. Jamjoom
Free radical injury for in vivo induction of platelet aggregation. A model in microcirculatory studies of the brain  [  Abstract  ]
Farouk M. El-Sabban
Efficacy and safety of oral suspension of oxcarbazepine in children with epilepsy  [  Abstract  ]
Aycan Unalp,  Nedret Uran,  Erhan Bayram,  Meral Bayram,  Aysel A. Ozturk
Motor neuron disease and its association with non-Hodgkins lymphoma  [  Abstract  ]
Filiz Koc,  Deniz Yerdelen
A historical review of gait analysis  [  Abstract  ]
Vladimir Hachinski ,  Khaled S. Al-Zahrani ,  Magrid O. Bakheit
Notice of Duplicate Publication  [  Abstract  ]


New guidelines to improve psychological and social assistance in emergencies  [  Abstract  ]

WHO urges more investments, services for mental health  [  Abstract  ]

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