Remote cerebellar hemorrhage in neurosurgery  [  Abstract  ]
Saleh S. Baeesa
An ecological approach to explain suicide by self-immolation among women in rural Iran  [  Abstract  ]
Leeba Rezaie,  David C. Schwebel
Dynamic changes in serum monocyte chemoattractant protein-1, and regulated upon activation, normal T cell expressed and secreted levels in patients with minor intracerebral hemorrhage  [  Abstract  ]
Zhendong Li,  Shijian Luo,  Yuhua Fan,  Huabin Sun
Association of apolipoprotein E epsilon 4 allele with sporadic late onset Alzheimer`s disease. A meta-analysis  [  Abstract  ]
Saeed Sadigh-Eteghad,  Mahnaz Talebi,  Mehdi Farhoudi
Evaluation of plasma levels of adrenomedullin and ghrelin, and their correlation with electrophysiological changes in diabetic neuropathy  [  Abstract  ]
Faten A. Zakareia
Morphology and clinical significance of the distribution of the median nerve within the arm of human cadavers  [  Abstract  ]
Ashraf Y. Nasr
Prevalence of the foramen arcuale of the atlas in a Saudi population  [  Abstract  ]
Saleh S. Baeesa,  Rakan F. Bokhari,  Khalid M. Bajunaid,  Mohammad J. Al-Sayyad
Prevalence and prediction of abnormal CT scan in pediatric patients presenting with a first seizure  [  Abstract  ]
Ahmed R. Al-Rumayyan,  Mostafa A. Abolfotouh
Prevalence of risk factors of ischemic stroke in a local Pakistani population. High-density lipoproteins, an emerging risk factor  [  Abstract  ]
Zeeshan Basharat,  Sadaf Mumtaz,  Farah Rashid,  Sanah Rashid,  Sumaiya A. Mallam,  Asghar Diljan,  Neil Iftikhar-Maken,  Safa Zafar,  Irum Rehman
The use of transcranial Doppler pulsatility index to guide hyperosmolar therapy  [  Abstract  ]
Hosam M. Al-Jehani,  Judith Marcoux,  Mark R. Angle,  Jeanne S. Teitelbaum
An early successful surgical treatment of fibrinolysis-related symptomatic intracerebral hemorrhage without procoagulant therapy  [  Abstract  ]
Yunfeng Yang,  Chunxia Luo,  Hongping Miao,  Zhi Chen
A case of extreme prematurity and delayed diagnosis of pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy  [  Abstract  ]
Abdulaziz S. Al-Saman,  Tamer M. Rizk
Isolated inferior sagittal sinus thrombosis caused by a rare combination of elevated lipoprotein (a) and iron deficiency anemia  [  Abstract  ]
Basak Karakurum-Goksel,  Sibel Karaca,  Ozlem Alkan,  Tulin Yildirim
An infant with an unusual cause of lethargy  [  Abstract  ]
Khouloud A. Al-Sofyani
Contrast-induced encephalopathy following coronary angioplasty with iopromide  [  Abstract  ]
Xiaofei Jiang,  Jun Li,  Xi Chen
A young lady with thalamic stroke mimicking acute Miller Fisher syndrome  [  Abstract  ]
Shariful Hasan,  Johnson Stanslas,  Lim P. Hin,  Hamidon B. Basri
Parental age. Risk of autistic disorder  [  Abstract  ]
Ahmed M. Al-Ansari,  Mohamed M. Ahmed
Thioctacid is effective for neuropathy symptoms and hyperglycemia control without pronounced electromyographic changes  [  Abstract  ]
Sefika Okuyucu,  Abdulkadir Kocer,  Mehmet Eryilmaz,  Gulsen Kocaman
The role of anemia in first simple febrile seizure in children aged 6 months to 5 years old  [  Abstract  ]
Mahmood D. Al-Mendalawi,  Farhad Heydarian
UN strengthens regulations on melamine, seafood, melons, dried figs and labelling  [  Abstract  ]

People with drug dependence need better access to health care  [  Abstract  ]

Role of Omega-3 in Preventing Cognitive Decline in Older People Questioned  [  Abstract  ]

Diabetes: Tighter Control of Blood Sugar Prevents Nerve Condition, But At What Risk?  [  Abstract  ]

Neurocritical care  [  Abstract  ]
Faisal Al-Suwaidan
Meeting Highlights
63rd American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting New Orleans, Louisiana, 21-28 April 2012  [  Abstract  ]
Shireen Qureshi
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