Systematic review of clinical trials of aripiprazole for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder  [  Abstract  ]
Ahmad Ghanizadeh
Human memory retention and recall processes. A review of EEG and fMRI studies  [  Abstract  ]
Hafeezullah Amin,  Aamir S. Malik
Parents` knowledge and attitudes toward children with epilepsy  [  Abstract  ]
Lama E. Zainy,  Daniah M. Atteyah,  Walaa M. Aldisi,  Hanadi A. Abdulkarim,  Rawia F. Alhelo,  Haneen A. Alhelali,  Mohammed M. Jan
Effectiveness of adjuvant temozolomide treatment in patients with glioblastoma  [  Abstract  ]
Ibrahim M. Alnaami,  Saleem K. Al-Nuaimi,  Ambikaipakan Senthilselvan,  Albert D. Murtha,  Simon Walling,  Vivek Mehta,  Sita Gourishankar
Lithium ameliorates open-field and elevated plus maze behaviors, and brain phospho-glycogen synthase kinase 3-beta expression in fragile X syndrome model mice  [  Abstract  ]
Xi Chen,  Weiwen Sun,  Ying Pan,  Quan Yang,  Kaiyi Cao,  Jin Zhang,  Yizhi Zhang,  Mincong Chen,  Feidi Chen,  Yueling Huang,  Lijun Dai,  Shengqiang Chen
Leukemia inhibitory factor promotes nestin-positive cells, and increases gp130 levels in the Parkinson disease mouse model of 6-hydroxydopamine  [  Abstract  ]
Ying Liu,  Meiyu Peng,  Dawei Zang,  Benshu Zhang
Posterior fossa teratoma  [  Abstract  ]
Hussein A. Algahtani,  Mohammed W. Al-Rabia,  Hatim Q. Al-Maghrabi,  Husam Y. Kutub
Spinal cord injuries due to close combat weapons  [  Abstract  ]
Youssef H. Fares,  Jawad Y. Fares,  Souheil E. Gebeily,  Rabi M. Khazim
Reversible Parkinsonism caused by deep cerebral venous sinus thrombosis  [  Abstract  ]
Hussein A. Algahtani,  Ahmed A. Aldarmahi,  Mohammed W. Al-Rabia,  Wail N. Yar
Decompressive laparotomy for treatment of refractory intracranial hypertension, thinking out of the box  [  Abstract  ]
Hosam M. Al-Jehani,  Jeffery A. Hall,  Mohammad Maleki
Long-term follow-up study of patients with spinal cord injury  [  Abstract  ]
Najme-Sadat Moosavi,  Zahra Emami,  Alexander R. Vaccaro,  Vafa Rahimi-Movaghar
Neonatal dexamethasone exposure in rats resulted in hippocampal learning and memory defects with decreased convulsion threshold later in adult life  [  Abstract  ]
Shubbar N. Qaheri,  Aysha B. Ali,  Amal A. Alalwaan,  Fatma A. Ahmed,  Maryam M. Ahmed,  Amer H. Kamal
Volume estimation of the rabbit thalamus. Stereological microanatomical study  [  Abstract  ]
Murat S. Akosman,  Hamit S. Karabekir,  Nuket N. Gocmen-Mas,  Omer F. Lenger,  Funda Aksu,  Ismail Turkmenoglu
Pathogenesis of cerebral hydatid disease  [  Abstract  ]
Mohsen Sokouti ,  Samad E. Golzari,  Kamyar Ghabili ,  Amir M. Bazzazi ,  Zaki N. Hasan
Evolution of epileptic encephalopathy in an infant with non-accidental head injury  [  Abstract  ]
Mahmood D. Al-Mendalawi ,  Roshan L. Koul
WHO releases guidance on mental health care after trauma  [  Abstract  ]

Humanitarian emergencies, an opportunity for fresh start in providing sustainable, long-term mental health services  [  Abstract  ]

Spinal Cancer Guidelines for Diagnosis Unsupported In Patients with Lower Back Pain  [  Abstract  ]

Smoking Prevention in Schools: Does it Work?  [  Abstract  ]

Neuromuscular disorders  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammed H. Alanazy
Meeting Highlights
12th Asian & Oceanian Congress of Child Neurology (AOCCN), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 14-18 September 2013  [  Abstract  ]
Suad Al-Yamani
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